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2010 Updates

What's New

Kartweb is now celebrating 10 years of providing exclusive premiere eLearning programs kart technology.  No other books or videos come close to the quality of content offered by Kartweb.  Animated tutorials provide an in-depth understanding of:
  • Tires and Chassis Setup
  • Data Acquisition
  • Carb Tuning
  • 2 Stroke Engine Blueprinting

Nearly 10 years ago we developed the standards for the TAG class, and five years ago we developed the standards for Stock Moto.  Growth in these classes has been phenomenal thanks to a practical no-nonsense approach to the technical standards.  Countless hours of development went into the Stock Moto Blueprint Guide and even today national championship engines are virtually identical to the Blueprint guide we published in 2005.

For the serious Moto racers we've taken the development of Mod Motos a generation beyond anyone else. 
Spec 05 Builder's Guide is available to Subscribers only with a powerband that makes ICC engines sweat.

As the leader in CR125 Engine Technology Kartweb Subscribers have access to a complete CR125 assembly and blueprinting guide including:

  • Complete Parts List for the CR125 Bill of Materials
  • Complete sub assembly and assembly guide
  • How to install a Pumparound System on a Carburetor
  • Managing Detonation
  • Ignition Systems and curve programming; includes software and curve profiles

Other Great Stuff!

  • Tracklinks including an Interactive Map of the short and long tracks in America
  • Comprehensive "New to Karting" videos
  • Over 50 hours of high-resolution racing videos from the glory days of Shifterkart racing
  • Simracing League action at rFactor-League

Search Engines found at Kartweb have been set up with pre-defined filters.  This Search Engine has bee configured to help find Karting Videos.  Try:
  • Superkarts
  • Shifterkarts
  • Kart Videos